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House Shape Key Rings - A Perfect Business Promotion for Real Estate, Insurance, Bank or Mortgage Companies

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Update time : 2020-08-26 11:23:56

House shaped keyrings are tried and tested cost effective and successful promotional item for the businessess including
but not limited to real-estate company, but also for the bank, hotel, insurance, tradeshow, construction,mortgage, domestic
service, professional repair and maintenance services, etc.

There are various house key ring items at our factory to meet customers requirement at all price level. There are budget
promotional plastic house keyring, 2D rubber house shaped key ring holder, spinning metal house key hanger, persoanlized
trolley coin house key chain, multi-functional bottle opener house keychain, and custom made house keyrings. 

You can be assured to find the suitable one for your business.
Everyone has a use of keyring in their daily life. Your customers will love receiving the house shaped keyring as a token of
your gratitude for the trust they have placed in your business, rewards their loyalty with a gift.

Your company logo, contact information can be printed, laser engraved or customized on those key rings for personalisation
and promotion.