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How to Create Your Personalized or Customized Dance Medals ?

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Update time : 2021-03-10 15:03:01

If you are looking to create your own medals and ribbons for the championships, examinations or any dance
related events. Generally there are two options. There are various existing dance medals available at our
factory, and dance orgnization name, logo or picture , date could be printed or laser engraved on the medal
for personalization. Because those medals are available ones, the production lead time is shorter. And this is
suitable for personalized dance medallions in small order q'ty.

If your demand for the street dance, ballet dance medals, or any other dance medallions, we would suggest 
creating your own medals and ribbons , which is made specially for your dance school, dance organization,etc
in the unique shape, style and colors. All those will surely get higher attention your brand. 

And if you are not pretty sure about how the new custom medals will look like, please just email us your logo
or detail requirement, we will work out the digital medal and ribbon proof to you in short time.