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2020 Hot Sale Keychain - Every Day Carry Antivirus Tool Keychain

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Update time : 2020-07-17 14:46:48

In this special period, please choose this epidemic key chain to prevent hand contact with germs. 
Keep you and your family healthy and avoid virus spread to each other. With help of EDC tool keychain to pull
the door handle, open the elevator, press the bank cash machine, open the car door, press the mobile phone
and other public places.

This well solve the direct touch problem and avoid virus spread. Low order quantity requirement: only 100pcs.
Environmental protection zinc alloy corrosion resistance, nice eletroplating, no color change.Under experienced
hand polishing, each keychain looks glow and graceful.

Your logo or test can be laser engraving on the keychain. Opp bag or elegant gift box available.