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Promotional Key Rings Suitable for Summer

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Update time : 2020-07-31 14:17:32

From June to September, the sun hung like fireball, the cloud as if the sun melted and disappeared.
The weather is so hot, it is good time to go to beach and swim.
EVA floating key ring is a good choice for summer as personalised gifts for kids or promotional give
aways for branding.
This plastic key ring is combined with one, two or several layers of EVA which fixed together.The key ring's
shape and size can be customized. You can choose your own color.One or many colors can be silkscreen
printed on the surface. Bright color makes your keys easily identifiable and keeps your key float in the water.
It is a nice promotion gift, giveaway gift, good for advertising. All the components of EVA foam key rings
are produced according to environmental protection standard, safety, no toxic.
The EVA key ring feels good and smooth, light weight, portable and durable.