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Custom Made Arnoldstein Clown Gold Medals with Ribbon for Fun and Charity

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Update time : 2021-12-28 14:57:37
A medal or medallion is a small portable artistic object, a thin disc, normally of metal, carrying a
design, usually on both sides. They typically have a commemorative purpose of some kind, and
many are given as awards.

A medal may be awarded to a person or organization as a form of recognition for sporting, military,
scientific, cultural, academic, or various other achievements.

Custom made medals with customer’s logo, special design or image have been very popular in
recent years, which not only in sports events, but also in many occasions, eg. Charity, fun run or
other memorable events.
The custom medallions can be made in various materials includes metal, plastic, wood, and in
almost any shape and style. All those make the personalized medals also with the function of business
or brand promotion besides it’s original award function.