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New Items- 30ml 60ml Portable PU Leather Hand Sanitizer Holder Lipstick Holder Key Chain Pendants Wholesale

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Update time : 2021-03-15 16:05:00

The new developed 30ml and 60ml hand sanitizer holder keychains are supplied with transparent plastic empty bottle,
which is more convenient to ship to our customers worldwide by sea or by air due to no alcohol insides and light weight.
There are more than 8 colors faux leather colors available. The empty bottle is suitable to contain shampoo, cosmetic, hand
gel or sanitizer or other liquid, which is very good for
home and travel use. Always escort your health and safety.

The durable metal lobster clip makes it very easy to attach to your your bags, keys,wallets and purses.

The stylish lipstick holder key ring hanger can be personalised with your company logo or brand. That is a great promotional gift
for cosmetic maker or wholesaler. Your customers will surely love and appreciate using it every single day.