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Personalized Crystal LED Light Key Ring Pendants Wholesale

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Update time : 2021-09-13 11:33:07

This LED light key ring is made of high quality K9 glass. There are three popular shapes available includes
rectangle, heart and octagon, and with built-in button batteries. It is very easy to turn on/off  by twisting the
metal part to the left or right side. Based on customer
s requirement, the LED light key ring pendant can be
made without light, with single color light or 7 colorful lights. Each packed in a safe box. More important, this
crystal LED light key chain can be customized with company logo, car brand, photo.

Personalized LED light key chain with your own picture or your logo will remain a good memory for you or as
a great promotional giveaway for the company. That is why this light key ring is widely used in ceremony,
anniversary or birthday party.