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Popular EDC Touch Free Door Opener Key Chain Items at Topwin

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Update time : 2020-06-08 15:14:52

To cope with the recent corona-virus spread worldwide, our factory develops some trendy dual function door and
bottle opener key chain models, which is to prevent people from contacting harmful bacteria and germ while opening
doors, bottles, pulling elevators, and pressing buttons on public keypad. Some of them can also be used for touch screens.
The easy-to-carry tool allowing for a no touch option for commonly infected surfaces.

Those hands free key chains can be packed in poly bag, blister pack or individual box.
Besides the available touch free safety key chain items, we also create the personalized door opener key chain for our
customers, which is supplied as promotional give away for bank and automotive dealership.

Stay safe and we do hope all of us will be back to normal life soon.

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