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Promotional Retractable Leather Tape Measure for Fitness Club, Underwear Shop, Household and Clothing Companies

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Update time : 2020-12-09 15:24:35

Our leather tape measure is supplied in small size and light weight (about 30 grams ), which is suitable to keep in the pocket and convenient
to carry. Dual-sided accurately printed with inches on one side and centimeters on the reverse.The retractable mini tape measure case is made
premium leatherette or genuine leather with a hidden press button in the center, which spring returns the tape measure into the case automatically.
There are square, round and heart- three standard shapes available at our factory, customers logo can be embossed, printed, hot stamped in
gold or silver on the leather case. Meanwhile, we create the personalised tape measures in customized shape.

This mini body leather tailor tape measure for sewing is not only a measuring tape, but also a fashionable household products and wonderful
promotional gift for fitness clubs, underwear shops and clothing companies. With the multi-function of measuring tape and pocket size, w
hen you
buy cloths it is convenient to measure waist, circumference,e
tc and small size easy pull into pocket.
Below you will see some of our personalized leather covered tape measures for better understanding our existing shape and our product quality.

Personalized Sewing Tape Measure with Silver Hot Stamped Logo

Red Heart Leather Mini Meauring Tape Wholesale for Women's Underware Shop 

Logo Printed Tape Measure Key Ring with Tassel for Clothing Shops

Super Heart Shape Tape Measures for Household 

Promotional Logo Embossed Square Body Tape Measures