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Update Information about Coronavirus in Our Area and Shipping Situation by Air

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Update time : 2020-03-13 15:54:05

Due to Coronavirus outbreak, we postponed our CNY holidays to Feb.17th, 2020. Our factory started to work since
Feb.18th, 2020 after our serious safety control and monitoring on the working staff and approved by Government.

At present everything goes well and our factory operate normally. However, all our staffs are requested to wear
masks at factory for more protection and safety concern. Besides, no Coronovirus case has been confirmed in our
area since Feb.20th. This is good news for us and it is expected to see more good news about Coronavirus day by
ay in other areas of China.
However, it is reported the Coronavirus case are experiencing big increase outside China includes Europe, US,
Asia, Middle East, etc. Due to the current situation, we are informed by our ship agent that many flights to Europe,
US, Australia, Korea, etc are experiencing cancellation or adjustment. And some of our goods to customers overseas
are delayed in shipping via air or courier over the past one week since Mar.6th.
We would suggest customers making prior preparation and placing order to us if there is deadline for your events.
That’s helpful for us to arrange production and shipment as early as possible,  alleviate the unexpected delay
during shipment via air, and makes sure the goods will be delivered on time.
For your information, below 50ml hand gel, hand sanitizer with carabiner is quite popular, which is applicable
for outdoor sure and for the kids. We received the orders from customer in big quantity. Custom logo or design
can be printed on the label. The capacity is 50ml and the attached carabiner is easy to clip on the bag.

Please contact our sales at [email protected] if any demand or inquiry on customized hand gel with carabiner.