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Topwin Strong Items-Leather Metal Key Rings, Leather Luggage Tags and Leather Wrapped Mini Tape Measures

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Update time : 2020-04-09 10:18:06

There are wide range of items we produce and supply to customers worldwide over the past decades. Among them,
our leather and metal crafts like leather metal key ring, leather luggage tags as well as leather wrapped mini tape measures
are strong items which always win high reputations from our old and and new customers.
Below you will show some product pictures for your ref., It is no doubt those are super quality items in terms of material quality,
stitching, edge painting, pasting, logo method and assembly. You will see neat stitching and surface, smooth edge painting,
good finish, perfect and different logo methods and fine packaging. All those come from our strict quality control system, skilled
working staff, experienced engineer and qualified materials.
Our products are not only for wholesale or retail, but also for business or brand promotion.

Mini Retractable Tape Measure with Custom Logo by Hot Stamp Gold

Personalized Square Shape Black Leather Wrapped Body Tape Measure

Customized Leather Luggage Tags for Airlines

Red Heart Custom Logo Hot Stamped in White Leather Luggaget Tag

Custom Made Elephant Style Genuine Leather Keychain Charm for Handbag

Stylish Brown Leather Metal Key Rings in Bulk