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Custom Logo Engraved Leather Metal Key Chains for Car Brands Car Clubs

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Update time : 2022-02-16 09:46:15

The leather and metal key chains are highly recommended as a giveaway for car brands, car clubs,
car dealership and car exhibitions.
We offer genuine leather and faux leather in various colors which can meet all customer’s requirements.
The leather part is always combined with metal part for the super leather key fob. The leather part can
be genuine or synthetic
, single layer or double layers, with gold or silver foil stamping, or with logo debossed.

And metal part can be made with various materials such as hard enamel, soft enamel, photo-etched, or
ing are all feasible. Depending on your specs, quantity, and budget request, we will be pleased to
offer our suggestions and prepare artwork for your approval.

You can show your brand, contact information on both metal and leather parts, which helps show off
your car brand and shop effectively.