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Custom Rosette Award Ribbon Maker in China

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Update time : 2021-09-03 14:40:37
Rosette award ribbon is a rose-shaped decoration, typically made of ribbon and awarded to winners of a competition.
Personalized r
osette award ribbons are presented in acknowledgement of an outstanding achievement or used to
identify affiliation with an organization, the rosette is a unique symbol that distinguis
hes a recipient from the crowd.
It is a marker of accomplishment and an emblem of pride. For more than two hundred years, colorful and attractively
designed rosette award ribbons have been proudly worn or displayed as the symbol of success and top achievement.

The rosette award ribbon can be totally customized to create a unique award ribbon for your special event or occasion.

Customized rosette ribbons are also produced in different shapes other than a circle, like ovals, squares, diamonds,
rectangles and hearts. Ribbon awards also come in different varieties like, medals, sashes and banners all of which
can be personalised at many bespoke and wholesale companies from around the world.