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Customized Baggage Tags for Airlines, Hotels, Travel Agencies in UAE

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Update time : 2021-08-17 09:11:35
The customized baggage tags is a wonderful gift for airline, hotel and travel agencies when they want
to promote their brand or business. You can be assured that your staff or clients will be appreciate the gift.


You know the luggage tag must be exactly what we need for the forthcoming travels overseas, which is
strong to withstand all the harsh handling by luggage handlers etc. The custom luggage tags with special
brand or logo make it very easy to pick out the luggage on the carousel. In this case, no need to worry
your case or luggage will be lose or difficult to find out.

Custom logo can be embossed or printed on the personalized luggage labels which is made of faux leather
or genuine leather depends on your budgets. Meanwhile, you will find various luggage tag styles available
at our factory.