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Germany Custom Rubber PVC Key Chain Factory

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Update time : 2021-08-03 11:26:28

Custom soft rubber PVC key chains are flexible, waterproof and playful key chains that can be
designed any way you like.Those rubber key chain holders are ideal for promotions, business
branding and customer loyalty.

As per our experience working with customers over the past decades, the customized soft PVC
key rings are widely used as key chain gifts for kids, promotional giveaway for new business,
brand, trade shows, sports event, or souvenir item for retail.
Topwin is a professional soft rubber key chain manufacturer in south China, Guangdong Province.
This key chain style can be made into a one-sided or  two-sided design and into any shape. Logo
colors can easily be matched.

Contact our sales team and create your own promotional soft rubber PVC key chains in short time.