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How to Maintain Your Personalized Leather Metal Key Holders in Proper Way ?

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Update time : 2021-04-21 14:46:46

Cars need to be maintained, and high-end genuine leather key chains need to be maintained as well. Here are some tips for the
maintenance of leather key holders
 in daily life . 

The structure of leather key ring is a combination of metal and leather. Most of the automotive industry and women leather bag brands
will  choose leather key rings
 as advertising giveaways,  gifts or souvenirs. The highlights of the brand logo are made of metal, and
combined with leather
part, the feel and grade of the whole set of products are improved several times. At the same time, the leather is
soft, and there is no safety hazard in direct contact with the skin. If children come into contact with it, they will not worry about metal bruises.
Leather key
 chains are practical, but maintenance also requires some special skills to keep your personlized key chains permanently fresh.

How can you make your custom leather key pendants last longer? Like an adult woman, maintenance is a vital part. When cleaning the
leather part of the leather key
 chain, do not wipe it with washing powder or water, otherwise it will cause the surface of the leather and mildew,
and the electroplating layer on the surface of the metal product will also oxidize. The most taboo of the metal part is human sweat, because
human sweat contains a lot of carbonate components, metal and sweat will oxidize the plating layer on the metal surface. Eventually, the
metal and leather 
key chain becomes discolored and loses its luster. If there are dust and other dirt on leather and metal parts, it is the perfect
choice to wipe it with a softer moistened amount of alcohol.

If you are not going to take it for a long time, you can wrap it with toilet paper carefully, then wrap it with newspaper and put it in a sealed
plastic bag, and finally put it in a cool place.